Perception That Can Destroy Your Abundance

This report is part of a series that I’ve developed to help new home business entrepreneurs succeed. I want to offer some insights into the process of building a nice income with a home-based business. Specifically, this report will cover Network Marketing.


If you are looking at joining a Network Marketing opportunity, you may want to hold onto this report and share it with others you recruit later on. You will most-likely be bringing people into your opportunity who has never been involved with the Network Marketing industry. Vitrixmt If you really want to succeed in a major way, it is certainly important that you train and equip the people you recruit, so that they can also achieve success.


Let’s get started…

First of all, I’ll begin by sounding a bit “negative”. I’m certainly not trying to be negative, however, I do want to give you the REALITY- and sometimes reality is tough.


So here you go…

The vast majority of people will fail with ANY opportunity they work. Obviously, there are some reasons for that, many of which do NOT even involve the company or product they are working. I’m sure there were some people who started the first day with Sam Walton but left WalMart because they didn’t “see” the potential – or perhaps didn’t want to deal with the hardships that come with a new start-up. Imagine where they would be financially today if they had endured those first difficult days? workingthrough

Success is rarely achieved without proper “seasoning”. There are some things that you will need to understand and accept – so you are able to handle success. Without proper training, any success you achieve will likely be short-term.

In the home business industry (specifically Network Marketing), I’ve found that when people do not succeed the first thing many will do is complain that the opportunity was a failure. The reality is… the person failed the opportunity.

Have you ever had anyone ask you “Is that deal you’re in working for you?” I’ve had it asked of me countless times by people trying to determine if they want to join me in the venture. The question ALWAYS amazes me. I ‘m sure what they are “really” wanting to know is if I’m making any money or not. But the question exposes a MAJOR perception problem that we must learn to overcome if we are going to be successful.

When you overcome this obstacle, you will be well on your way to becoming VERY successful in Network Marketing, or any other home business.

The obstacle that you must immediately overcome is… the PERCEPTION that you don’t have to put forth an effort to earn a big income.

The reality is… YOU DO!

To assume that all you have to do is sign-up for a “deal” and you’ll start raking in boatloads of cash, is simply wrong. Don’t buy it, and don’t ever use it to recruit others!

Before I expound further, I’ve got to say this…

I’ve NEVER had a “deal work for me”! In fact, I’ve never had a job work for me either. I’ve always had to put forth the efforts and WORK the opportunity, or work FOR the job.

Unfortunately there’s a perception that Network Marketing is an easy way to get fast riches. Many people have been told that “you can get rich without doing anything”. Well, that’s completely wrong and its part of that whole “something for nothing” lazy attitude that has ruined a lot of people.

I think most people would love to be able to have an easy way of earning a living so they can spend more time with their families, friends, or hobbies. The fact is- Network Marketing DOES provide plenty of opportunities to earn a substantial income, but… it does require some effort!

While Network Marketing is a great way to make a huge income, you just can’t sign up and expect the money to drop from the sky. Get that in your mind right now, and you’ll avoid major disappointment later.

Major Effort, Major Income

The best part is… your earnings are directly reflective of the effort you put forth! Unlike most jobs where a salary is usually “capped” and paid regardless of how hard you work, Network Marketing will reward you handsomely if you invest some effort in it. In fact, I’ve personally found that I can put half the work into a good Network Marketing Opportunity, and reap much greater financial rewards than working a 9 to 5 job.

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